Joint UWU and MoveUP Equity Committee Survey 

Recent events have brought the issue of racism, especially anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, to the forefront of much of our work and highlighted the need to accelerate progress on making these recommendations to the BCGEU. 

Under the UWU Collective Agreement MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT 2:  

The Parties agree to establish a Union/BCGEU Committee to develop the principles which shall form the establishment of an Employment Equity Program within BCGEU workplaces. COPE 378 (MoveUP) will be invited to participate in the Committee on an equal basis with the Union and BCGEU. 

The Committee may make recommendations to the BCGEU. 

The objectives of the Committee will be to suggest methods: 

  • to develop a workplace culture that values diversity; 
  • to develop a workforce that is at all levels representative of the diverse membership served; 
  • to enhance employment and career opportunities for all groups;  
  • to ensure harassment free workplaces. 

In response, we’ve put together a brief survey. We plan to take the feedback to help us work with the Employer in order to implement additional measures to build a safer and truly inclusive work culture. 

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Please be advised that another more comprehensive survey may be circulated by the UWU BCGEU Equity Committee to better inform the work of the Equity Committee. 

We welcome your feedback on an ongoing basis, however for the purposes of our initial meeting please provide your responses by 5pm on August 21, 2020. The identity of those responding will be kept confidential, unless consent to disclose is given. 

In solidarity, 
Joint UWU and MoveUP Equity Committee 
UWU Committee Members:
 Deki Tsering, Sheila Matthen, Reena Parmar 
MoveUP Committee Members:           
Gaganpreet Gill, Tara Copeland